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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a major aspect of trade contacts with the Customs Union member-states. Make sure you carefully choose both your customs clearance point and your customs agent. Customs offices sometimes differ in their approaches to clearance, which may have a considerable impact on the time and cost of the customs procedures, not to mention the taxes and duties charged.

Any Russian or international operator will have to face the difficult choice – to perform customs clearance by oneself or to outsource? By appointing a professional customs broker you will minimize clearance costs and time, which will leave you free to concentrate on your main business.

Ever your trustworthy partner, «Centr Sodruzhestva» guarantees competent documentation support and strict compliance to customs regulations. Our highly-skilled and committed staff provide state-of-the-art professional services to make customs clearance a quick and uncomplicated procedure. 

Our company can offer you an array of quality customs clearance services including:

  • Preliminary preparation (document analysis)
  • Selecting codes from the Customs Union Product Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities
  • Estimation of customs charges
  • Accounting and legal support of export/import operations
  • Drafting foreign trade contracts and ordering transaction IDs
  • Preparing documents and obtaining approvals for customs clearance (certificates of conformity, technical regulation conformity certificates, declarations of conformity, certificates of fire safety, certificates of state registration, approvals from Chambers of Commerce and other governmental agencies)
  • Payment of customs fees
  • Completing Bills of Entry (BOEs) and registering them with the customs
  • Preliminary declaration
  • Bonded transit clearance
  • Qualified assistance in case of any complications related to customs clearance

We believe in efficiency and a client-sensitive approach. Once you have chosen us, you may rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable company and qualified staff. Our company has been in the customs clearance business since 2000 (State Register Number 0273/00; no territorial restrictions).

Our company runs its own temporary storage warehouse in the Pskov Customs area (North-West Temporary Storage Warehouse, 7 Ekipazha Gudina Ul., Pskov). If you need top-quality customs brokerage, our experienced and high-skilled staff will help you deal with any logistical challenges and answer any queries about your consignment.

We provide customs clearance services in these customs areas:

  • Baltic Customs
  • St. Petersburg Customs
  • Pulkovo Customs
  • Vyborg Customs
  • Kingisepp Customs
  • Pskov Customs
  • Central Excise Customs
  • Novorossiysk Customs

Our company has vast experience in clearing the following classes of goods:

  • Building goods
  • Foodstuffs
  • Machinery, equipment, mechanisms and components
  • Clothes and footwear
  • Chemical products, including ADR goods
  • Excise goods (including motor vehicles and other self-propelled machinery)
  • Exhibition goods 

«Centr Sodruzhestva» is experienced in classification decisions.

We can also customs-clear shiploads and mixed consignments combining multiple types of goods such as clothes, car components, microelectronic goods and dismantled production lines under various customs procedures such as:

  • Release for domestic consumption
  • Export
  • Customs transit
  • Customs warehousing
  • Inward processing procedure
  • Outward processing procedure
  • Temporary importation
  • Temporary exportation
  • Re-importation
  • Re-exportation
  • Duty-free trade

We promptly respond to any changes in the customs law and transportation market. By using electronic declaration forms (ED1 and ED2) and electronic payment systems such as Customs Card and Green Channel, our company can maintain remote interaction with the customs services in the selected points of clearance.

We are ready to become your reliable business partner.