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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a set of customs operations associated with moving goods and transport across customs borders.

In Russia, customs clearance is one of the most complex issues of the international shipping process which requires profound knowledge of international law, effective regulations, agreements, resolutions and legal acts of Russia and the Customs Union.

Ideally, customs clearance should be fast. However, the overloaded terminals, insufficient data about goods being shipped, internal regulations and frequent checks may delay the process.

To achieve efficient delivery in the shortest time possible, our company offers a range of services for international trade operators at several stages:

1. Analysis:

– select codes as per the Customs Union Product Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities;
– identify the applicable customs procedure;
– estimate the customs fees;
– outline the shipping scheme, route and cost items;

2. Preliminary preparation:
– provide accounting and legal support of export and import;
– perform the pre-checks, prepare recommendations and draft foreign trade contracts; 
– pre-check commercial and shipment documents and prepare recommendations;
– pre-check documents for goods subject to phyto-sanitary and veterinary control;
– prepare documents and obtain permissions for customs clearance (certificates of conformity, declarations of conformity, state registration of products, fire safety certificates or other approvals from governmental services)
– compile document packages for customs clearance.

3. Customs operations:
– organize and handle the processing of goods subject to phyto-sanitary and veterinary control;
– complete a Bill of Entry/BOE (click the picture to open)
– submit the BOE (electronically or as a hard copy) to the customs;
– represent the clients in negotiations with customs control agencies

  1. acceptance and registration of the BOE/declaration by the customs.
  2. product code control; checking compliance with non-tariff restrictions.
  3. currency control and customs value control.
  4. effecting payments under the BOE.
  5. goods inspection (physical examination).
  6. issue the declaration

– finalize the customs clearance procedures

Our high-skilled experts are ready to offer you their guidance at any stage of the customs clearance process. We will provide you with competent advice and flawless goods processing at any complexity level and for any goods included in the Product Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities:

  1. release for domestic consumption
  2. exportation
  3. customs transit
  4. customs warehousing
  5. outward processing
  6. temporary importation (permission)
  7. re-importation
  8. re-exportation
  9. duty-free trade
  10. destruction
  11. abandonment of goods to the state
  12. free zone
  13. free warehousing
  14. special customs procedure (a customs procedure determining the terms and conditions of the use for customs purposes of certain categories of goods inside or outside the Customs Union territory)

We provide clearance services through the following customs offices:

  • Baltic Customs
  • St. Petersburg Customs
  • Sebezh Customs
  • Pskov Customs
  • Vyborg Customs
  • Novorossiysk Customs
  • Krasnodar Customs
  • Central Excise Customs
  • Vladivostok Customs
  • Nakhodka Customs
  • Chita Customs